Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Tomasz Jastrzebski and I am the founder of Irida company - applied graphic design and photography workshop. Every day I do my best to make Irida a company of bright ideas and daring solutions.

I cooperate with experienced professionals who take part in building projects' concepts, market analysis, webdevelopment and image manipulation tasks. Regardless of if it is a small retouching job or a large visual campaign project, every part and every minute of our work are equally important to us and we treat is as our mark. I hope our creativity, imagination and reliability brings satisfaction to our clients, both present and those to come.


How we work?

From a concept to a project

When getting to work on any new graphic design or photographic project we try to learn some crucial information which each time must be taken under consideration during the process of creating the project concept, these are:

  • the client's profile,

  • characteristics of the product the clients wishes to present,

  • clients intentions and goals related to product promotion,

  • target group of the client's offer or message to be presented.

All these information gathered help us to come out with certain visual concepts that can be later presented to the client and discussed.