We do advertising, product(packshot) and model photography. We have many years of experience in studio photography and we can boast about long term cooperation with happy clients. We work on large orders for web shops as well as on single advertising shots. We also offer complex graphic advertising and promotional solutions based on the photographic work done.

Graphic design


We have vast experience in designing websites, from web galleries and webshops to Web 2.0 social webservices with more than 300 000 monthly user count. We concentrate on the ease of navigation path of the user. Utilising the usability standards we try to make the websites most intuitive to explore.


A logo and corporate identity designs are the central element of creating the company's visual representation. That is why when working on this subject, we emphasize the importance of learning the key specifics of the company or product and finding the features of the target group.

Graphic design for print, layouts and Internet advertising

The character and style of the product are most important for the visual form of the advertisement. Understanding the subject leads to certain associations and ideas which are expressed in the final design.

Image manipulation

Retouching (creative and non-creative)

Digital retouching requires a vast range of tools, precision and very often a real talent. We are very experienced and present highest level of service in all kinds of retouching, i.e. skin, glass, creative 3D modelling, montages. We are experienced in preparing images for photo stock agencies with stringent criteria and always top level image quality expected.

Clipping paths(background cutouts)

Clipping paths drawn around an object on a photograph make it possible to easily cut out and replace the backgrounds behind the object. We have expereince in work on bulk orders of all kinds of complexity.


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